About Us

About Us

Elizabeth Machines Co. assumed position of Master Import Distributor for Juki Home Sewing Machine Products for the Australian Market in April 2017. We have a long history and broad experience in industrial sewing machinery market in Australia including being the sole, authorised distributor for Juki Industrial Sewing Machines. We import Juki Home Sewing Machines and sell almost exclusively, through our growing list of dedicated, independent dealers around the Country.

Our dealer’s stock and supply machines, accessories, spare parts, warranty, after sales service and advice to customers with enthusiasm and genuine care. Unless purchasing a Juki Domestic Sewing Machine in conjunction with our industrial machine range, we do not sell Juki Domestic Machines direct to customers. We welcome your feedback regarding our website through our contact us form and look forward to you making contact with your local dealer to experience the quality and sewing pleasure that Juki machines will deliver.

Brief history of Juki and Elizabeth Machines Co.

The Juki Corporation, Japan completed production of their first sewing machine, the HA-1 back in 1947. This achievement started an amazing tradition and global success in both home sewing and industrial sewing technology since.

Through the years keeping in tandem with advancing technologies Juki has been able take advantage of its industrial technology and adopt it for the home sewing machine market. Juki’s ability to leverage its technologies across industrial and home machines has resulted in the firm leading the way in advancements for the home sewing capabilities. In 1954 Juki produced the first rotalix needle take up system for the home sewing market; in 1978 we crated the first automatic thread trimmer and automatic needle threading technology available for home use, and in 1985 Juki developed the first auto-thread tension system for household machines. These pioneering advancements are still in use in the top quality machines around the world today. In 1976 the first Juki home overlock machines were manufactured with use of industrial serger technology (MO-100). When released into the global market, these machines were considered a major breakthrough in home sewing capabilities and became renowned with semi-professionals and novices alike.

As a testament to the durability of the Juki home sewing machines there are still inquiries about accessories for the MO-100 because some people still own their original serger to this day! In more recent times Juki leverage its industrial capabilities with the Exceed series of home sewing machines; we fitted a box feed system as well as a foot controller for thread trimming which is usually not seen in household models.

Juki deliberately concentrates on production of a specific model range to service the needs of sewing enthusiasts. This philosophy ensures simple design, ease of use and reliable quality which are the key focus in all Juki products.

Juki, a leader in global home sewing only makes machines to the highest standard possible and you can trust to perform time and time again. Whether you are interested in home sewing creations, quilting or basic repairs and alterations you can be sure your Juki machine, with simple design and functionality will assist you achieve your sewing goals.

Elizabeth Machines Co. were confirmed as Juki Home Sewing Machine master import distributor in April, 2017. A long association with Juki in the industrial sewing machine category, we are excited to enhance our partnership with Juki on the Home Sewing Machine distribution. Elizabeth Machines Co. was founded in 1960 by Max Skurrie. Our company name is derived from our first business address in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, contrary to common assumption that it is a family members name.

Max came to the sewing machine industry by chance, but soon identified that the world of sewing technology was changing and new Japanese brands were emerging to take the industry forward. Max set out to build relationships with key Japanese brands and we maintain many of these still today. Max’s chance introduction to sewing machines became a life long passion as he built the business. We have grown over the years on the back of quality products, dedicated customer service, diversity and strategic acquisition. Elizabeth Machines Co. has evolved over the years to become Australia’s largest supplier of industrial sewing machines to the many associated industries we are involved with.

Key elements to our success and longevity has been the association and support of the brands we represent. Juki has been the industry leader in the trade for decades, our relationship with them as the sole authorised distributor of industrial sewing machines is key and provided is the opportunity for us to return to involvement in domestic sewing machines by way of becoming the master import distributor for Juki Home Sewing Machines in 2017.

Juki home sewing machines have been used and enjoyed by Australian sewers for many years, we are excited about the opportunity to further develop the brand in Australia and with the support of our growing dealer network, more customers are able to view and demonstrate Juki machines around the Country than ever before.

Juki’s emergence in the Australian market is relatively young compared to Juki’s long global history or that of other brands in our market, but we are certain that Juki’s product quality will shine through as customers compare our models at our dealer sites and we will continue our work to promote this world class brand to the market.